What’s in a blog?


What’s in a blog? How is it different from a website?  How does it help Central Service Area  communication? Well, Marie and I are here to tell you exactly how a blog can be used to spread creativity, share experiences, and promote new ideas within our community. Together we have developed a list of scenarios in which a blog’s shared information can further connect our service community.

Benefits of a CSA Blog:

  • Entice new members or strayed members to attend meetings. Someone who hasn’t been to a meeting in a while or someone who is thinking of joining might read a blog post that sparks interest.
  • Professional connection between CSA members outside of meetings.  For example, if someone reads an article on the VRPS blog that was written by someone in Alexandria, they may be less likely to reach out because of relatability, accessibility, and the limited potential for further networking. However, working on a smaller scale helps to insure the continuation of relationships, in turn creating a stronger bond within VRPS.
  • Location, Location, Location! It’s easier to relate to content shared by those who share your location. Those who are familiar with CSA’s facilities/parks know what is feasible in our area.  It is important to keep new ideas flowing and creativity fresh but that creativity feels more trusted when it comes from someone who knows your location and interests.
  • Member driven makes it more streamlined.  Members can write and upload content directly and immediately, helping to ensure time-sensitive content reaches its audience. Posts can also be shared on the VRPS blog, helping to keep VRPS a true representation of its local service areas.
  • Gauges what members are looking to get out of their service area Someone who may not be particularly vocal during meetings can use the blog as a platform to express their opinions on topics that are particularly related to their service area. We will also be able to track trends within programming and facility management, success stories, and ways to improve. There is so much knowledge among our CSA members. Between veterans of the Parks & Recreation industry and new professionals, we have an abundance of stories to tell and loads of information to share.   We hope everyone takes full advantage of our new blog and continually shares!

-Heather and Marie


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